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CARLOS LOPEZ  ------------------------------------------   WHO AM I TO TALK OF BARBEQUES?

It all started in the summer of 1977, when Jose Lopez, my dear father, proposed the idea of starting a fast-food “choripan” (special Argentine hotdog) joint, but neither of us knew about how to go about it. We both had jobs that had nothing to do with gastronomy in general or barbequing in particular.
My father and I, he was 55 and I was 20, decided to begin a path towards the creation of our own business, the authentic Argentine barbeque, without thinking of the consequences. Eight months later, with a lot of effort and the help of friends, we opened the doors and started the fires of Parrilla (barbeque) Checho, given that name because of my father’s nickname.
With the heat and friendship of family and neighbours (from the Rivadavia neighbourhood), Parrilla Checho was born ( We must also recall the many celebrities who passed by here and after many years have become friends of this rodeo and who, without them, our barbeque would not be the same.
Today, after having over 34 years of experience in gastronomy and the know-how of barbequing, our business venture has become a focal talking point when we speak of barbeques.
That’s how, without knowing the consequences, we were able to build something bigger that a fast-food “choripan” joint and somewhere bigger than a place where you just eat a barbeque. We created a barbeque restaurant which is a meeting place for friends, a place where you share as if it were your own home. We created trust and a reputation that has surpassed time and gourmet trends, we created a neighbourhood and tradition, keeping our identity and barbequing essence.
This is how, after more than 34 years since our first barbeque, the fires of our spits are still flaming magic, day after day, into the palate and hearts of our guests and friends. It is my desire, for this book, like an authentic Argentine barbeque, to bring you to a great meeting, my reader, achieving the roasting practice and learning the best barbeque of all for your own Creole enjoyment.





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